Meet Gareth

I'm Gareth, and I want to be your next Assembly Member for South West London.

I live in Hampton with my wife Petra, and our three wonderful daughters. It's a joy to watch them grow and I couldn't be prouder of the education they're getting here in Richmond. 

I'm the leader of our Lib Dem council - and we've been delivering for local people over the last two years. One of the first things we did - and one of my proudest achievements - was to help lift the poorest in the borough out of council tax. 

As a father myself, the decision by the Government to let our most vulnerable children go hungry left me aghast. As leader of the council, I'm proud to have worked with fantastic community groups, volunteers and organisations to roll out a COVID-19 food package during the recent half-term for those families most in need. 

I'm no stranger to fighting for our communities. The Government promised to pay for the repairs to Hammersmith Bridge - and I'm going to make sure that they do. In the meantime, I've listened to local residents' concerns, and the council has paid for improvements and marshalls for the embankment. I also led the South West councils in our fight against the Conservative plans to expand Heathrow Airport - and we won. 

I'm proud of the work I've done to protect our people, our communities and our planet. From their shambolic handling of this pandemic to their divisive and dishonest Mayoral campaign, the Conservatives have shown they simply aren't up to the job. South West London desperately needs change. 

If you elect me to the Assembly in May, I promise to keep fighting for you. As the way out of this crisis starts to emerge, I know that we must seize this opportunity to ensure that nobody is left behind. Will you join my fight to make that happen?

I'll help out!

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